Welcome to Grand River Decoys. We intend to provide you with top quality waterfowl decoys and shorebirds. Both antique as well as contemporary decoys by a variety of carvers and factories will be included. If you are interested in any of our decoys please call me at 660-707-1389. We do have e-mail but I feel it is too impersonal so we rely on it as a last resort. We inspect each decoy carefully with black-light, bright white light and high magnification, to insure our descriptions are as accurate as possible.

We feel you, the collector, are entitled to full disclosure of the condition of every decoy you purchase. We have a simple return policy. If you are not satisfied with the decoy, we insist you return it to us in the exact condition we sent it to you as soon as possible. The customer is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs. A very knowledgeable person once said, "The difference between a decoy dealer and a decoy collector, is the dealer is excited when he sells a decoy; the collector is excited when he buys a decoy." We consider ourselves collectors.

— Vaughn Walters.